Eric Edelhausen

Anyone can craft a watch. But only a craftsman can create a timepiece that will hold enough significance for its owner to pass on for generations to come.” Such are the words of Eric Edelhausen to his daughter. Little did Eric Edelhausen know that 4 generations later, his name would still be associated with fine timepieces.

Styles and trends change with time. What lasts, however, are the things that are associated with fine quality, performance and adherence to tradition.  What you see here today took  years in the making.  A true melding of the original genius of Eric Edelhausen with today’s technology.

Please take the time to review our updated galleries.  New for 2016 is the Ethos full calendar automatic with big date. The Ethos is available with a silver/white dial or black dial. We’ve also reissued the Emissary series; classic styling as before but with a larger contemporary gold plated case. Also be sure to browse through the new E2 series. Introduced in late 2005, the E2 series was created to be affordable without sacrificing quality or good looks.

We believe that Eric Edelhausen would be proud if he could see the legacy of his vision today.  Not just making watches, but creating timepieces that are significant to their owners.

 That is the true “Vermächtnis des Genies,” the Legacy of Genius.


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